Making World Solid

Buddhist quote solid world for Leeds meditation group
Making our world solid

“Because we have solidified our world … suffering and pain become very solid and real to us.” A quote from Lama Shenpen Hookham, taken from the ‘Openness’ section of Living the Awakened Heart training course. Learn more about experiential training on the Buddhist Path: – or join us at our weekly meditation and Buddhism classes in Leeds City Centre.

Come Celebrate Spring!

Buddhist spring celebration for the Leeds sangha
Come Celebrate Spring!

Come join us for a Celebration of Spring with at The Hermitage Buddhist retreat centre this Thursday – 29th March! An opportunity to come and play in the green valleys of Wales.

Building on the success of our children’s mindful play afternoons, Tara and her friends will lead some mindfulness games, arts and crafts, and exploring. Open to all the family – even parents!

The event will run from 9.30 until midday. Refreshments provided.

But why not make a day of it? If you still have energy after all the play, there is plenty to explore in the local area in the afternoon. Enjoy walking on the lovely Criccieth beach or explore Criccieth castle – just four miles away, or why not take a drive into the stunning Snowdonia National Park – a 20 minute drive from the Hermitage.

There is no fixed charge for this event. Donations to cover costs would be welcome. Please email to let us know if you are coming. We’d love you to join us!

Theories of Everything

Buddhist quote on theories and suffering
Theories do not address the problem

Lama Shenpen answers a meditation student’s question about a Buddhist lecture called “Milarepa And The Shepherd Boy”, and a questions she has posed to her students: “What can take knowledge itself as an object?”

“Why is recognising the not-self of the dharmas equivalent to realising Buddha Nature?” and “What has this to do with the personal mandala and its true nature as the three Kayas?” View this week’s question and response here:

Each week Lama Shenpen answers a student’s question. The students are studying her ‘Living the Awakened Heart’ Training courses. Become one of Lama Shenpen’s students and ask her a question! Lama loves a good question. For more information about training in the Awakened Heart Sangha visit: 

or why not come along to one of our weekly meditation and Buddhism classes in central Leeds? All welcome!

Making Connections

Buddhist quote for Leeds - connections are more fundamental than time and space
Connections are more fundamental than time and space

The Connections that we make in this life may be the most important thing that we do. Tibetan Buddhism talks about our connections ((Tibetan: Tendrel) with each other  as being lasting and meaningful and that they can continue between lives.

In this article, Lama Shenpen has an interesting discussion with a student about how we can begin to understand these connections. View their full conversation:

Each week Lama Shenpen answers a question from one of her meditation students. The students are studying her ‘Living the Awakened Heart’ Training course. Become one of Lama Shenpen’s students and ask her a question, Lama loves a good question! Or come along to our local meditation group in Leeds.

For more information about the training visit:


Celebrate Tibetan New Year

Leeds meditation group - come celebrate the Tibetan new year - Losar - with us at the Hermitage Buddhist retreat centre in North Wales
Celebrating Losar at the Hermitage

The Leeds AHS Buddhist Meditation Group is warmly invited to join us for our Tibetan New Year Celebrations at the Hermitage of the Awakened Heart in North Wales.

This year we will be welcoming in the Year of the Earth Dog.

The weekend will be one of celebration, feasting, chanting and meditation. Practice done at this time is said to be especially auspicious.

All welcome!

In addition to our usual Losar celebrations, this year we will have a special treat – a double celebration, greeting back our old friend Dashu as he brings to an end his one year retreat during this weekend!

You have a choice of dates to attend – coming for Losar itself on Friday 18th February or staying for part of, or the whole weekend (Friday to Sunday).

You will find more details and a booking form here. Please complete the form to reserve your place.

There is no charge for this event, optional donations are always welcome.

Meditation in Essence

The essence of meditation practice is the confidence to simply be. With no sense that you have to do anything or change anything
The Essence of Meditation ….

“The essence of meditation practice is the confidence to simply be. With no sense that you have to do anything or change anything”. This is how Lama Shenpen Hookham describes the radical simplicity of the approach taken with Formless Meditation.

Formless Meditation practice is rooted in the Dzogchen and Mahamudra meditation lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. The meditation requires us to have the bravery to turn directly towards our experience, good or bad, with radical acceptance.

Whether this is the first meditation practice that you learn or one that you come to after years of complex meditations, mantra recitation and visualisation practices, it is the one that cuts to the heart of the matter, the one that we always have to come back to.

To learn more about Formless Meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, join us at our weekly meditation group in Leeds.

Beginners Meditation Course 2018

Hands in meditation, beginners meditation classes in Leeds
Beginners Meditation Classes in Central Leeds

We can now confirm dates and venue for beginners meditation classes starting in Leeds in 2018. We will begin the New Year with a 6 week introductory Course called: “Heart of Meditation”.

This course will be of interest to newcomers and existing meditators. We will be introducing a type of meditation called “Formless Meditation Practice” as taught and transmitted by Lama Shenpen Hookham. We will be exploring this meditation in detail along with Daily Life (or mindfulness) Practice.

The course will start on Thursday 18th January 2018. Classes will run from 7.15pm to 9.30pm. The cost of the course is £60 which includes refreshments and a copy of the book “Heart of Meditation” by Lama Shenpen.

It may be possible to offer a subsidised rate for those on lower incomes. Please contact us to discuss.

The meditation course will be held at The Quaker Meeting House, 188 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds

Click this link to book a place or email Jayasiddhi ( if you would like further information.