Celebrating Sangha

Leeds Buddhist meditation group invited to annual retreat in Wales
A weekend of fun and celebration

Members of Leeds AHS Buddhist Meditation group are warmly invited to join us for our annual celebration at the Hermitage in North Wales.

Here we celebrate our commitment to the Buddha, Dharma and specifically the Awakened Heart Sangha. A weekend of vows, feasting, teachings and entertainment. This is a joyful weekend of connection and fun!

You are invited to join us for all or part of the weekend. Children are very welcome. The weekend runs from Friday 25th May to Sunday 27th May.

Saturday morning will be to celebrate those who are taking refuge or Bodhisattva vows, the afternoon for those who are making commitments to the Sangha, with their Mahayanagana or Mentor vows.

On Sunday we receive teachings from Lama Shenpen (theme yet to be confirmed). We finish the weekend with a wonderful feast including chanting, entertainment, singing and dancing.

Please visit the Hermitage website here for more information and booking form. There is space on-site (booking fast), off-site accommodation with local sangha, local B&B and lots of space for camping.