Theories of Everything

Buddhist quote on theories and suffering
Theories do not address the problem

Lama Shenpen answers a meditation student’s question about a Buddhist lecture called “Milarepa And The Shepherd Boy”, and a questions she has posed to her students: “What can take knowledge itself as an object?”

“Why is recognising the not-self of the dharmas equivalent to realising Buddha Nature?” and “What has this to do with the personal mandala and its true nature as the three Kayas?” View this week’s question and response here:

Each week Lama Shenpen answers a student’s question. The students are studying her ‘Living the Awakened Heart’ Training courses. Become one of Lama Shenpen’s students and ask her a question! Lama loves a good question. For more information about training in the Awakened Heart Sangha visit: 

or why not come along to one of our weekly meditation and Buddhism classes in central Leeds? All welcome!

Meditation & Teaching Day

Meditation and Buddhist teaching day at retreat centre North Wales
Meditation and Buddhist Teachings in Wales

An invitation to members of our Leeds Buddhist meditation group to join us at the Hermitage Buddhist retreat centre in North Wales for a day or weekend in March.

The main day is Saturday 10th March and begins with meditation at 10am with guidance offered for those who would like it. Beginners and experienced meditators alike are most welcome. Saturday mornings are held in silence until after lunch. A simple vegetarian lunch will be provided.

Lama Shenpen will continue her teaching on this year’s theme of Progressive Stages of Meditation on Emptiness (by Khenpo Tsutrim Gyamtso Rinpoche). The teaching will be given on Saturday afternoon at 2.30pm.

There may also be the opportunity to arrange a private talk with Lama Shenpen, or one of the Senior Students at some point during the day.

You are welcome to attend for some or all of the day or to make a weekend of it. Why not consider arriving after lunch on Friday so as to be fresh as a daisy for the mediation and talk on Saturday? You are welcome to join in with our community life and attend our community meditation and puja sessions on Friday and Sunday if you would like, staying through to Sunday afternoon or Monday morning.

This event is by donation. More information and the booking form can be found on the main Awakened Heart Sangha web page: