Learn Tibetan Buddhist meditation in central Leeds. That’s right, Tibetan Buddhism and meditation in the Heart of Yorkshire!

Our weekly meditation classes are accessible to all, regardless of meditation experience, religious background and beliefs. We provide full meditation instructions so that you can begin meditating from your very first session. Complete beginners are always very welcome!

Classes are led by an experienced meditation practitioner from the Awakened Heart Sangha. In addition to years of experience as meditators, our class leaders have received extensive training in how to communicate meditation to others and in providing ongoing meditation guidance and mentoring.

Our year begins with a 6 Week Introductory Course entitled – The Heart of Meditation. The Course begins on Thursday 18th January 2018 in Central Leeds. Find out more and book a place on our Learn to Meditate page.


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Celebrate Tibetan New Year

The Leeds AHS Buddhist Meditation Group is warmly invited to join us for our Tibetan New Year Celebrations at the Hermitage of the Awakened Heart in North Wales. The weekend will be one of celebration, feasting, chanting and meditation. Practice done at this time is said to be especially auspicious.

Meditation in Essence

The essence of meditation practice is the confidence to simply be. With no sense that you have to do anything or change anything”. This is how Lama Shenpen Hookham describes the radical simplicity of the approach taken with Formless Meditation

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